Easter 2009

Easter 2009
Happy boy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

One of the lucky ones

Troy was baptized on Christmas Eve. It was the best Christmas Eve I can remember. What a spiritual highlight of the year. We are so proud of his progress. English has come quickly. We love our son. I have received three letters from Troy's orphanage from children seeking homes. How my heart breaks for all of them. Keep them in your prayers. I am posting their pictures.


KristaC said...

Troy's a stud!! I like his suit :D

Ruth Luke said...

Dear Mom,
You need to blog more.

Jeri said...

Yeah,Mom, you do need to blog more! I don't know if you remember us or not. I blogged for Troy on my son's blog http://ruffruffitsmealex.blogspot.com/
so he could see another kid adopted from Ukraine that was living life safely with all his organs intact. (Well, except for his tonsils and adenoids...we did let those go.)

I've thought about your family often since Troy said yes and prayed that he was having an easy transition. You know, after praying for someone to have a certain outcome, you kind of feel a little responsibility no matter which way the situation turns out. I am so, so very happy this one had a wonderful outcome! We too are seeing improvements with Alex through doing neurological reorganization exercises....there is hope. jeri

Lee-Ann said...

thought of you often but lost the adddress. hope Alex is great. couldn't ask for better from Troy.